The Alaskan Malamute Week
Särna February 2006

The Alaskan Malamute Week was as usual planned for week 8 at The Särna Campground. We had entered a team for 150 km at The Polardistanc week 11, so we dicided to make a trip around Särna (where the Polardistans is run) to test the dogs and the equipment. We had to bring all dogs  - and we had Cougar and Xsandy on the teams and they were just 15 month old so we had decided to run about 40 km every day and staying out for 3 days.
On Saturday we drove down to Särna where we met with some danish friends and slept over at there place, before we packed up the sledges and headed out from Särna campground sunday around lunch time with a 4-dog and a 5-dog team.
The first day we drove Noromsjön, up to Manvallen, continued up to Hansblåstan and short after Hansblåstan we turned west in the direction of Hömyrorna and continued up across Höstet up to Ormkojan and further up to Dalakojan. Just north of Dalakojan we camped the first night. It was a pretty cold night, but everything worked out fine - we all had a good nights sleep.
The second day we started out about 11.00 and headed a little futher north before we turned east through Styggdalen and down to Morvallen. After Morvallen we contined up north through Vedundsfjällens nature reserve, where we ran into a couple of huge reindeer herds and we had a hard time having the teams staying on the trails !!! We continued all the way up to Västra Lågheden, where we kind of started our trip back to Särna.
During the day the sun came up and we had about 5-10 minus degrees and it was a perfect weather for a roundtrip on Vedungsfjällen. We took a short break and enjoyed the wonderfull view up there before we started our way down to Lövhögen – we came down through Varghöjden and Lövhattvallen. It was our plan to stop at Lövhögen and stay over night, but several hunters were alreday there with their dogs, so we dicided to continued up to The Vedungs Cottage and stay in the cottage if it was free otherwise we had to camp in the tent again.
We were lucky The Vedungs Cottage was free, so we fed the dogs, fixed our own dinner and went to bed.  The third day we headed out from The Vedungs Cottage at about 10.00 and now we started the trip back to Särna.
The sun was up and is was frezzing about 10 degrees and we had the easiest trail down to Särna – most of it is downhill – the only couple of stops where when we ran into the reindeer herds.
Our dogs are not used to reindeer, so they went complete crazy everytime we came close to a herd, they wanted to chase them. We returned to Särna campground at about 14.00 – snacked and watered the dogs and took a very needed hot shower and a long resting time in the sauna – we really needed that.

The 4-dog team consisted of:
Black Lotus Magical Mystery Tiger – “Kiskayo”
Black Lotus What A Withch – “Xanae”
Black Lotus Tigress Frequent Flyer – “Xander”
Sirenek’s Midnight Eclipse – “Xsandy”

The 5-dog team consisted of:
Black Lotus Pringting The X-File – “Junior”
Aluk’s Still Going Black – “Shenoa”
Night Trail Living On The Milky-Way – “Cougar”
Taolan Quest Solid As A Rock – “Drummer”
Ashley – our mixbreed – Alaskan Malamute/Siberian Husky

The rest of the week we took part in all the activities at and around the campground and it was our intention to run a 5 dog team at the polar working dog test on Friday and Saturday, but something came across our plans.......

As always it is a pleasure beeing part of the Alaskan Malamute week – meeting lots os people with the same interest – as well new people as “returning” malamute people. We are looking forward to the next Alaskan Malamute week – see you in Särna week 8/2007 !