Fäbodraget – March 2005

Unfortunately Sanak was not able to run at the race in Särna 3 weeks earlier so we decided to drive down to Orsa Finmark and run our 6-dog team again and run Sanak instead of Sam on the team, since Sanak was now our only dog that have not passed the Swedish working dog test 1 – the rest of our dogs were still to young to participate.
On Thursday the 11th of March we drove in heavy snow from Järpen and down to Rosentorpen, where we arrived in the evening, fed the dogs and went to bed. During the night it continued to snow so next days trail was soft and heavy. This was the first time ever we had entered a team at this race. We have heard a lot about this race and we were looking forward to participate, so it was very disappointing that only around 30 teams were entered – and we were the only Alaskan Malamute team – the condition and preparation of the trail was even more disappointing. All teams were pretty slow on Saturday, but luckily it froze during the night, so the trail was much better on Sunday and all teams ran much better faster on Sunday. Our team was the fastest of the pure-breed not Siberian husky teams and they passed the Swedish Polardog test 1 again.

The 6 dogs on the team were:

> Black Lotus Magical Mystery Tiger – "Kiskayo"
> Aluk’s Dressed In Black – "Sequoia"
> Black Lotus Tigress Frequent Flyer – "Xander"
> Aluk’s Still Going Black – "Shenoa"
> Alaskan Grace’s Cuddly Sanak – " Sanak"
> Snowrider’s Flashdancer – "Willow"