Åsarna – February 2005

I February 2005 we entered a 4-dog team at Nordic Open in Åsarna only for training purposes.

The four dogs entered were:

Black Lotus Magical Mystery Tiger – “Kiskayo”

Aluk’s Dresses in Black – “Sequoia”

Black Lotus Tigress Frequent Flyer – “Xander”

Aluk’s Still Going Black – “Shenoa”

Only Kiskayo had some race experience – the 3 younger dogs have never been at an official race, so we were looking forward to test them and see how they reacted. All 3 days were just positive feedback and training for the team.
On the first day we took over two teams and were passed by another team. On the second day we were passed by an 8-dog team and two pulka runners. On the third day we ran the 10 km without meeting anybody, but the last day they actually did the best time - we were proud of them and we ended up being placed second out of 5 teams. Pretty well for their first race participation.