Working dogs

The Alaskan Malamute is an Eskimo dog. The breed got its name from a particular group of Eskimos known as The Malemutes. The Malamute's dogs were heavy freighting dogs and when gold was found in Bonanza Creek in Klondike in 1896 the demand for great “pullers” increased rapidly. The Malamute's dog were known for their ability to work under near-killing conditions, their hardihood in the Artic cold and their willingness to work even on a limit close to starvation. The gold rush created a need for more dogs and that resulted in all kind of outside dogs - brought to Klondike by miners and hunters - were bred to the Malamute's dogs, who had become very well known as freighting dogs. It resulted in all good freighting dogs looking like the Malamute's type of dogs - were now named Malamutes.

This short historic introduction is just to state that the Alaskan malamute is the largest of the sledge dog breeds and through time the malamutes were used for pulling heavy loads over long distances. Our goal is to maintain the original skills of the breed and at the same time keep focus on health, temperament and exterior according to the breeding standard.

We work our dogs as soon as we have a change, because we believe that working the dogs maintain the dogs naturally instincts and interest for what the malamute originally were created for. Working the dogs also keep the dogs in a physical good condition and shape as well as it is a great way to teach the dogs discipline and co-operation in a team. At least we also train our dogs because we have lots of great hours together with the dogs that way and because we think it is fun to participate in some races.

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