End of December 2004 Xsandy was imported from Kennel Sirenek’s, Norway. She was born 4 days after Cougar so it was a perfect match to take her home and have these two puppies grew up together – Cougar was no longer a lonely child, since him and Xsandy are almost family: Xsandy’s mother (Black Lotus Tigress Xsassy As Sire) and Cougar’s father (Black Lotus Tigress Frequent Flyer) are both from the second litter we had at Kennel Black Lotus in Denmark. From December 2004 until March 2005 we had the pleasure of having Xsandy’s father "Taolan Quest Master Of The Game " – Sam – at our kennel. Sam was here to be worked for a couple of months during the winter and the goal was to get him through the Swedish Working Dog Test, which he without any problems passed on our 6-dog team a couple of times while he was here. Sam hereby completed his Swedish Championship.
Xsandy was – and still is - a sweet and charming little girl. As a puppy she was a bit more hesitating when experiencing new things, meeting new dogs etc. than for example Cougar was, but she was in no way shy, just thoughtful. We hope and believe she has inherited the speed from her mother and the brain of her father, but only time will show. Xsandy has been a very easy puppy to bring up. She get along with all other dogs at the kennel – regardsless of age and sex. She can not be walked without leash, but around the house she is always unchained and she never run far away from were we are. During the summer of 2006 we have had two litters at our kennel and Xsandy is very interested in the puppies, she just adores them. Xsandy’s eyes were surfed November 2005 and if her hips and elbows are free, too – we might breed her during the spring/summer of 2007.

At the age of 2 years – Xsandy has attended 9 shows. At her very first show she became Best of Opposite Sex in the puppy class. In the youth class she has been showed 8 times and has received a first price 7 times, 2 HP’s, 3 CK’s, 1 certificate, 1 cacib and 1 Best Of Breed.

Workig wise Xsandy showed very good abilities at a pretty young age. The winter of 2005/2006 was her first season and she has been going on almost every training session since. From December 2005 she was part of our 6-dog team and in February 2006 she went on her first little longer 3 days trip and did a tremendous job. End of the season we started to run her in front of a 4-dog team and a couple of times she managed to ran lead on a 6-dog team on the last training sessions in the spring of 2006. During 2007 we hope she will pass the swedish working dog test - she sure has the eager, the speed and the staying power. We exspect us a lot from her in the future.