What to say about Xander ? He is a very complex dog – on one hand sweet and loving – on the other hand a little tough temperamental working machine - but one thing is for sure: Xander has lots of personality!
Xander is out of the second litter we had at Kennel Black Lotus. He has 4 brothers and 1 sister – all 6 puppies in this litter were seal and white. We chose to keep Xander because he together with his sister Xsassy (Black Lotus Tigress Xsassy as Sire – owned by Pia Fjelltun at Kennel Sirenek’s, Norway) were the most energetic puppies – sometimes we wondered if they ever slept !? Already as a puppy it was obvious that Xander had his own opinion on almost everything – we knew from the beginning that it would be hard work to handle him and we felt we did not have the right home for him either, so he stayed at home. He seemed to be a promising puppy exterior wise - had a very good and pretty head, moved very well already as a puppy and his proportions were right. Xander developed very slowly so his show career ended pretty soon as a youngster because he was too delicately built. Therefore we decided to stop showing him and give him some time and hopefully he would develop over time. Xander turned 2 in August 2004 and during the autumn 2004 and winter 2005 he sure developped into a real male malamute. During the summer of 2005 and 2006 we have taking him to a couple of shows – an usually he gets his first price and his CK, but never goes all the way, most of all because he does not have any show attitude at all ! Xander think being in a showring is the most boring he can imagine. The second we enter the ring – he sits down – look up at you – and thinks : “What are we doing here ?” We have our doubts that Xander will ever be a showdog – most of all because of his attitude.

Working wise Xander showed very good potential already as a youngster. Since he was 14 months old he has been in lead of our 8-dogteam – he keeps up speed better than any of our other dogs, but unfortunately he can not be trusted 100% in lead when passing things, so often he is running in second position and from that position he is easy to handle. He passed his working dog test on our 6-dog team in February 2005 in Särna during the Alaskan Malamute week - and has passed it several times since. Xander is born to run – at least if you ask Xander – he will go whereever you ask him to go – and he will go untill you say stop – he has a very good working mentality.