Willow and her sister Starr were imported from Kennel Snowrider, Ontario, Canada. Willow came to our kennel in July 2003. At her arrival she was a very shy and nervous dog, and from the very beginning she was very protecting to Karina. It was almost turning into a problem, because no one could get close to Karina or just give her a hug before Willow tried to get between – at a couple of occasions she even snapped at people getting to close.
Willow needed way more time than her sister to get adjusted to her new home. Slowly she got better and better, but she never really became part of our pack. All day she was laying in her dog house – she never touched any of her toys. The only time she was really happy, was when she came into the house. Even in the house she did not care much for our attention.  She preferred to be in her dog pen by herself – never mind which of our boys we put her together with – she just ignored them – no interest, untill Drummer arrived in April 2004 – these two became best frinds from the minute Drummer put his “paws” on danish ground.

Working wise we had to start Willow very slowly. First of all she was several pounds too heavy and she needed way more time than any of our other dogs to get used first to the bike, then the cart and finally the sledge. During the first winter she loved to go on the team, but she did not really pull much – just ran along – exacly like her sister did.

Every time one of the girls went into heat – Willow went into heat, too. During July 2003 and until September 2004 (14 months) she was in heat 6 times. Willow is a VERY big girl – actually her body has good proportions, great coat, great tail set and moves very well, but her head is everything else but pretty – and due to her size and temperament we had decided that she would never be part of our breeding program.  In September 2004 we decided to sterilize her. That was the best thing we could do – we got a completely new dog out of her ! It turned out that she had several big abdominal cysts.  After the surgery she has become a true happy camper – she has become very energetic, loves to play with the boys and works very hard in a harness. She has turned into a real  working sledge dog. She can be penned up with any of our boys and she just loves to play. None of the other dogs can play without Willow interfering from her own dog pen - she has become the sheriff of the pack.

During the first winter we lived in Sweden she loved to go on the team and she was part of our 6-dogteam during the entire winther 2004/2005 and she passed the swedish working dog test a couple of times.
During the winter 2005/2006 we started to run longer distances and with more weight on every training sessions – that kind of became too much of a job for her. She loved to go on a 30 kilometers training one day, but if you tried to run her again the day after she suddenly needed 10 kilometers to get started. The longer we ran her – the more days she wanted to stay home in her dogpen before she was ready to join us on a longer trip again.....unfortunatley it ended up with that she was not run so often as the other dogs and when she went on the team she had a hard time following the others so she slowly lost the interest for running..........so intead of having her sitting back in the dogpen when we were running the rest of the dogs, we decided to find a new home for her. Willow would love to be “early retired” and become a real housedog and in November 2005 she moved to Gävle to live with Göran Carlsson and his family. We wish Göran and his family good luck with Willow and hope they really enjoy each others company. Thanks to Göran for taking good care of Willow and giving her a very good life.