Starr and her sister Willow were imported from Kennel Snowrider in Ontario, Canada. Starr had almost finished her championship so we decided to let her complete it before she was flown to Copenhagen. Sandy Logan at Kennel Waterstone was so kind to house Starr and take her to the Calgary Show in July 2003, where she got the last points. Starr arrived at our kennel in the beginning of August 2003. After her arrival she got very easily adjusted to her new home. Starr is a real " Miss for ever happy" – never mind what happens she is always happy. She is a real snuggle bear, loves to get into the house and get some attention. She is very playful but at the same time also clumsy. Tennis balls are her absolutely favourite toy, she can spent hours playing with them, before she chews them up.

Working wise Starr is nothing to brag about. She loves to go on the team, but she is not putting much effort into the harness, she just runs along, does not really pull anything.
Starr has only been showed a couple of times since her arrival. We believe she will be able to obtain the needed certificates – her largest problem is that her ears are slightly big and she could have just a little more coat, but time will show.

In August 2004 Starr was bred to Black Lotus Tigress Frequent Flyer – “Xander”. She was bred very late in her heat and it resulted in just one black & white puppy: Night Trail Living On The Milky Way – “Cougar”. Very soon after the birth it was obvious that Starr did not have sufficient milk for her little boy – so he was brought up on puppy milk re-placement. Due to the lack of milk Starr slowly lost the interest of nursing her puppy – and after a week she preferred to get back into the dog pens with the rest of the pack. Later when the puppy got older and started to eat regular dog food her interest came back and now she thought he was a funny little guy to play with. Due to the lack of both milk and nursing interest Starr will not be bred again. It is our opinion not to use females in our breeding program that can not or will not give birth and bring up their own puppies.
In October 2005 Starr moved to live with a family near by, who already has an older male malamute. To us Starr was a sweet average dog, but since her pulling interest was very limited and she could not take care and bring up her own puppies plus she is no great show dog either we decided to give her a better life at a pethome. She has now been living with her new family for over a year and she is doing great is of graeat importence to us that our dogs are doing great, so we do not regret that we found a very good home for her. Thanks to the Hansson family for taking so good care of Starr.