Shenoa was imported from The Aluk Kennel in Montana, USA end of October 2004 – at that time she was 10 weeks old. She arrived together with her sister Aluk’s Dressed in Black – "Sequoia". In the beginning both girls were living peacefully together – they went very well along until they turned 14 months of age and went into heat at the same time – that became the end of their friendship. They could still work together in a team, but they could no longer be together in their dogpen.
Shenoa was a very lively puppy, she was always on the move and she got very easily bored, so she was always doing something. The second we left any door or gate open …….off she went – out in freedom to discover the big world out there. That is also the reason that Shenoa can never be walked without a leash – the minute you unchain her – off she is!!! Shenoa is the “talking-head” of the kennel – she always has stories to tell from the dog pens when she gets into to house – you can easily get tired of listening to all her small stories! When it comes to food Shenoa is a REAL malamute; born hungry and eats what ever is served ! Around food is also the only time where her otherwise sweet and loving temperament changes to the worse. Shenoa get very well along with other dogs and she just loves puppies, so we had been looking forward to breed her and see how she would handle her own puppies.

As a puppy Shenoa was showed once only, because it was almost impossible to show her because she hardly ever had all 4 paws on the ground at the same time and when the judge (or somebody else) approached her she starts jumping like a crazy - she is always so happy talking to people !! At her very first show (9 months old) at a Danish Kennel Klub Show she became BIS4 Puppy out of 34 puppies. From May 2003 until November 2005 she was showed  23 times, obtained 16 CK, 7 Certificates, 2 Cacib and 4 res. cacib and 3 times Best of Opposite Sex. In August 2004 she turned 2 years old and completed her Danish Championship in September 2004. In February 2005 Shenoa passed the Swedish Polar Working Test 1 on our 6-dog team i Särna during the Alaskan Malamute week and thereby completed her Swedish Championship – she has passed the test a couple of times since. Working wise she loves to work on a team, but she still has a hard time staying focus in lead of a bigger team – with just 4 dogs she works fine as lead dog, but more dogs than that she kind of looses focus on what she is doing. The only problem having Shenoa in lead is; she chases all kind of small animals as mice, squirrels and birds. Therefore we have moved Shenoa down as wheel dog and she is doing a tremendous job here, she is one of our most hard working dogs – she is strong like no other of our females are – she keeps going never mind how heavy a load they are carrying and does not bother about trail condition – she just pulls.

Our next goal is the needed certificates in Norway to become Norwegian Champion, which will also complete her Nordic Championship. It was our plan to show her in Norway during the spring/summer of 2005, but every time there was a show in Norway not too far away from us, Shenoa decided to throw all coat – so we did only show her once in Norway where she was placed as second best bitch. In July 2006 Shenoa was breed to Black Lotus Magical Mystery Tiger – “Kiskayo” -  and on September 21st 2006 she gave birth to her first litter – The Magical Mystery Litter – 2 females and 4 males – all seal/white. We hope we can show her in Norway during the early spring of 2007, because after having had her puppies she needs several months before she is back in show condition.