Sequoia was imported from Kennel Aluk in Montana USA end of October 2004 – 10 weeks old. She arrived together with her sister Aluk’s Still Going Black – "Shenoa". In the beginning both girls were living peacefully together – they went very well along until they turned 14 months of age and went into heat at the same time – that unfortunately became the end of their friendship. They could still work together in a team, but they could no longer be together in their dogpen.
Sequoia was a very lively puppy, but at the same time also a little uncertain – she dependent very much on Shenoa the first couple of months they were at our kennel. Where ever Shenoa went – Sequoia followed her, what ever Shenoa did Sequoia tried to copy it. Sequoia’s problem was that she was a little clumsy and often she very not able to follow Shenoa, when she climbed the fences – then Sequoia stood crying out still on the inside of the fence. Even today Sequoia is still clumsier than Shenoa – often it is because she is so happy that she does not have time to think before she starts jumping or running. Sequoia is definitely the most energetic of these two girls – Sequoia has been running lead for a couple of seasons now together with Kiskayo. Kiskayo is the “brain” having control of the team and understands the commands, where Sequoia understands nothing else but speed – together these two were our best lead dogs for some seasons.
From the beginning Sequoia was owned by Jette & Allan Hersinger - Kennel Black Lotus, but she was living at our place until the summer of 2004 – when Jette & Allan moved out in the country – away from the city of Copenhagen. At their new place they were able to get all their dogs “home” and Sequoia then moved to stay at Kennel Black Lotus to have her puppies at their place. She was bred to Taolan Quest Master Of The Game – “Sam” and in October 2004 she gave birth to 8 puppies – 2 wolfgrey/white & 1 seal/white male and 3 wolfgrey/white & 2 seal/white females.
Sequoia loved her puppies and she was a great mother, but after being with her puppies for 12 weeks she was about to go crazy. She had so much “reserved energy” that she had to be worked. Therefore Sequoia came back to our kennel in January 2005 and she has been living with us untill the spring og 2008. Due to the fact that half of her litter had cataract and after realising that Sequoia is a REAL working dog – Jette & Allan suggested that we took over the ownership of Sequoia.
Sequoia is a very loving and charming girl – she loves all people and is totally crazy with kids! It is almost impossible to keep her away from kids and with small kids she has a very hard time controlling herself. She cannot be left unattended with kids, because she jumps directly on them – only because she is SO HAPPY and wants to play. She gets along with most males, but only with very few other females – more or less only Shenoa and Ashley in our pack.


Sequoia has not been showed very much, but even though she obtained her championships pretty easy. At her second show she became BIS PUPPY and at her fourth show she got her first certificate (CAC). From May 2003 until December 2005 she was showed 12 times, obtained 8 CK, 4 Certificates, 1 Cacib and 3 times Best of Opposite Sex. In August 2004 she turned 2 years old and completed her Swedish and Danish Championships in June 2005. In February 2005 Sequoia passed her Swedish Polar Working Test 1 on our 6-dog team i Särna during the Alaskan Malamute week – and has passed it several times since. During the summer of 2006 Sequoia spent about two months in Denmark at Kennel Black Lotus and during this period she completed her Norwegian, Nordic and International Championship. She also obtained two out of the 4 needed certificates of the Danish Spitzdog Club. Thanks to Jette & Allan for showing her so successfully.

In January 2006 Seqioa had a bad shoulder injury and after long periods of resting, light training passes on her own and rehab, she never got back in such a shape that she could run for more than 10-15 kilometers. Because of her shoulder trouble she very often ended up sitting in her dogpen when we went out with the other dogs and she was getting more and more depressed. At the end of the season 2007/2008 we decided to find a good home for her.  In April 2008 Sequioa moved to Nynäsnhamn to live with Sverre and Birgitta. Sequoia enjoys her life in her new family – it is obvious that she loves to get ALL the attention – no other dogs – JUST ME! Her new family has a house upp here in Jämland only a couple of miles away from where we live so we still have the pleasure to meet Seqioua and Birgitta and Sverre when they come upp here in all their vacations.  We are very thankful for the great job Birgitta and Sverre are doing with Seqioa – she is so happy and satisfied with her new live.