Kiskayo is out of our first litter at Kennel Black Lotus. He has 3 brothers and 2 sisters – he was the last Born puppy. He was a little lazy as a puppy, he had found himself a corner in the puppy room and he spent lots of time in his corner, he did not pay much attention to the other puppies nor to all the visitors in our house. He kind of lived in his own world !!! Xsara (his sisters) was the only one that really could get him started playing and when first these two got started…..the party went on and on and on …….at last he returned to his corner.
Kiskayo developed into the very well-behaved puppy – at least when we were around – and he went wherever we went, because he was so easy to take around. Sometimes you could almost forget you brought him, because he was so quiet. He always found himself a quiet place and took a nap. Because he was such an easy puppy, he ended up being Mummy’s spoilt kid.

Kiskayo was a very promising puppy so he was showed quit a lot during the first two years of his life and during the summer of 2003 he finished his Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Nordic Championship. In January 2004 he completed his International Championship, too. During 2004 he has only been showed occasionally and during the summer of 2005 he spent a couple of weeks in Denmark at Kennel Black Lotus and during his visit he completed his Championship of The Danish Spitzdog Klub (KLBCH). Beside his completed champion ships he actually has 2 CAC in Germany and 1 CAC in Holland, but due to the fact that we have moved up north – the question is if we ever will have the time or the effort to complete these championships, too – time will show.

Working wise both Kiskayo and Xsara showed very good abilities and they had just turned one year old when they ran as lead-dogs at their first race in Denmark. In a harness they have a lot of energy and they just love to work. In February 2003 they passed the Swedish working test together with two of their litter brothers (Uyak & Shamu). Kiskayo has actually passed the working dog test several times – he is our absolute best lead dog and he goes on the team on every kind of training or competition.
At the age of 4 years Kiskayo became without any doubts the king of our kennel - he is the boss that without fighting anyone keeps everything under control in the daily life. He would never start a fight – he would never degrade himself to that – but if anyone in his pack is threatened by someone or something from the outside, he will 100% defend them – what ever it takes.
The characteristics of Kiskayo are majestic, supercilious, dominating, artful and independent, but at the same time sweet and loving – he can be a real charmer if he wants to.