Junior is out of our third litter at Kennel Black Lotus. He has 4 sisters and 2 brothers – all 7 puppies in this litter are wolfgrey. Junior is the first wolfgrey malamute we kept at our kennel – it is not a secret that we prefer seal & white (black) malamutes.
Junior has been a very easy puppy to bring up. From he was about 8-10 weeks he was penned up together with Kiskayo and he learned almost everything he knows from him. Later on from he was about 4 months old Shenoa stayed together with these two boys – it became "the little family" for a while at our kennel. In October 2004 we imported a female Sirenek’s Midnight Eclips – “Xsandy”- from Norway and Junior was penned up with her. These two became best buddies, but unfortunately Junior believed he had gotten a higher rank now when he had his own female – so when Xsandy and Shenoa went in heat at the same time Junior and Kiskayo did not get along anymore. After the heats were over – they all calmed down again, but it means that Junior and Kiskayo can no longer be penned up together, but they can get along fine outside the dog pens. Otherwise Junior has a very easy temperament to handle – he gets along with almost any dogs – he greets everyone with a warm welcome, he is always happy and he is very obedient – he can be walked without leash and he always returns when called once. The only situation where he can not be trusted is when is his in the house – you can not leave any kind of food on the tables – he will take it from the tables sooner or later – he just can not stand it.
Showing wise Junior was a very promising puppy. He was showed 5 times in puppy class and 4 times he became best puppy and once he became BIS2 puppy. In the youth class he has been showed 6 times and obtained 5 CK’s. In the beginning of 2005 he reached a time where he needed to develop a little so we decided not to shown him before end of the year 2005. At the end of 2005 he was showed 3 times and received 2 CK’s, 1 reserv cacib and placed second best male at his last show. During 2006 he has been showed occasinally and he has received 2 certificates, 2 Cacib and became Best of Breed once and Best of oppisite sex once. We are planning to show him more during 2007 and hopefully finish his championship during 2007.

Working wise Junior has lots of energy, his first working season was the winter of 2004/2005 – he really wanted to go every time we ran a team – but he still needed more training because he lost focus. During his first season he went on our 8-dogteam and ran 25-30 kilometers without any problems, unless lost a little focus now and then, but he was still young and had to learn a lot. We expected him to become a stable and good working team dog during his second working season – he will probable never become a real good lead-dog, he is way to curious to keep focus. Junior did improve his working skills during his second season – he has become more focused and works better in general. It is obvious that Junior prefer to go on longer trips with a heavy loaded sledge that on short fast training sessions. He has been part of our 6-dog team during the entire winter of 2005/2006 – and it was our hope that Junior should pass the working dog test 1 in Särne in February 2006, but unfortunately something came across our plans. He will probably get it next year – he would have run the 2 x 30 km on our team without problems.
In the winter of 2005/2006 Junior has got himself a new best buddy – he seems to become best buddy with all our visitors. Black Lotus What A Witch – “Xanae” came to stay at our kennel from November 2005 and during the winter and her and Junior has been penned up the entire winter – they really enjoy each others company. In October 2006 Xanae has come back to stay with us this coming winter – and what a reunion joy !