In April 2004 Drummer was imported from Kennel Taolan in Alberta, Canada. Drummer has gone through an enormous change since his arrival. Upon arrival he was a very confused and in some way also frustrated dog, he did not even know his own name (sometimes we wondered if he could hear ?!) and he growled at all other dogs even our females, only because he was uncertain. He has changed into a very sweet and loving dog with an extremely mild temperament, he gets along with almost everyone in our pack – he would never try to challenge any of our others males – he simply does not have the need for it and nor the courage.
Watching Drummer running around in his dogpen is exactly like watching his daddy – always running, playing or jumping around, trampling paths in circles - never laying down relaxing ! Always very happy. He is considered the "wilddog" at our kennel, because he goes complete crazy of happiness and jumps on people as soon as someone enters his dog pen. If visitors want to go into his dog pen talking to him, we have to warn them to be careful because he will jump right into your face.
The first 6 months Drummer lived 100 % outside, he very seldon got into the house, because he has never been housetrained and he always ended up peeing inside, steeling food from the table, chewing up socks, shoes etc. With time he has learned how to behave in he house so he is now getting inside as much as all our other dogs.
Drummer can be peened up with any of our females, he always accept that they take the lead – for some time he was penned up with Seqioia and after that him and Willow were “room mates” for quiet a long time. Since Willow moved (November 2006) he has been sharing dogpen with Xsara and her daughter Dixie – that has become our little trio here at the moment.

Drummer has never been showed yet. First of all because we are still waiting for his pedigree and secondly he will need lots of training, before he can be controlled in a show ring. The minute we receive his pedigree we will start training him for showing, because he is a very pretty, well built and very well moving dog.

Working wise the winter of 2004/2005 was his first season and he learned pretty fast what this was all about. He showed good potential – works very steady and concentrated, just keeps pulling regardless of it goes uphill, downhill or straight ahead. He could be better on all commands, but he has no problem running in lead – you just have to have a little patience sometimes he has to be convinced in what direction you want him to go, but he always end up doing what you were asking him to do. Eventhough we do not have a pedigree on Drummer he is trained as much as everybody else, because as soon as we receive the pedigree he has to pass the swedish working dog test – and he would love to come along on some of the races as well.