Cougar is the first born puppy at our kennel since we moved to Sweden and therefore he is the first dog under the Night Trail kennel name. Starr – Cougar’s mother – was bred very late in her heat and we did not really expect any puppies out of this breeding, but on October 24th, 2004 she gave birth to just one black and white male – Cougar. He was 620 kilogram at birth. In the beginning she was taking good care of him, but after a couple of days it was obvious that something was not right. It turned out that Starr did not have milk enough for him and the quality of the milk she had was very poor. The first 4 weeks of his life he grew up on puppy milk replacement.
Cougar was a very energetic puppy and he was definitely not afraid of "life". When he was 8 weeks old we brought home another 8 week old puppy: Sirenek’s Midnight Eclipse – “Xsandy” – from Norway – that was the best gift he could get after being the only lonely kid in our first litter in Sweden. He just went on and on and on ….wanted to play continuously ……it took a couple of days before he calmed down and realized that she had come to stay.
Cougar is a good mix of his parents – exterior wise he is mostly like his daddy, but mentality and temperament is mostly like his mother - he is always happy - but at the same time he has a slight touch of his daddy’s temperament – it is not very often he get upset, but when he does it - he really gets angry. He has his own opinion – exactly like his daddy.
Cougar has been an easy puppy to bring up, he has found his rank in the bottom of the pack without any problems – he gets along with all our dogs – as well females as males. He gets easily along with other dogs and animals as well as all people he meets. He can be walked without leash in the forest around our house, but not in areas with traffic, because he is not afraid of cars, trucks, busses etc – he just stands in the middle of the road and expect them to go around him – not too smart !

Cougar has been attending 4 shows as a puppy and youngster. At his first show he became BIS puppy – at the next 2 shows he was placed best youngster and obtained his CK’s – but at the 4th show he was only given a second price – due to a “strange look for a malamute” according to the judge. Cougar is way more black than most malamutes seen around here, so we are expecting some comments on that from some judges – but it will be interesting to see what future shows can bring for a “strange looking” malamute ?!?!
Working wise Cougar still has a lot to learn, but he is always eager to go on the team. Cougar turned 1 year old by the end of October 2005 – so the winter 2005/2006 was his first season and he did pretty well. From around December 2005 he went on the team on almost every training session – he has been part of our 6-dogteam most of the season. In February 2006 he went on his first little longer 3 days trip and he did well for his age. Cougar will probably never turn out to be a very good lead-dog, he is way to curios and has a hard time staying focused now and then, but eventough we have started to let him run lead on a 4-dog team and that he seems to manage, so time will show.....he is still young.