Ashley is our mixed-breed – the breeding was not planned, but her mother has always had her own opinion and therefore she made her own decision when it came to pick the father of her very first litter - a purebred Siberian husky.
Ashley was actually not meant to stay at home, but Sanak adopted her when she was 4 weeks old – she was his absolute favourite toy and at that time Sanak was not the easiest dog, he could not be penned up with many others dogs, so we decided to keep Ashley as company for Sanak. These two have been together for years – always best friends. In the autumn of 2005 Sanak was retired and he came to live at Karina’s parents home and Ashley was absolutely not ready for retirement so she was now  penned up with Xander and he became her new best friend. Ashley can be penned up with any of our males and becomes best friends with all of them.

Ashley is a sweet and charming girl – her favourite position is on her back with all 4 legs right up in the air and someone scratching her belly for hours – she can never get enough of this.
We have never regretted that we kept Ashley, she is fabulous when it comes to take care, nurse and play with our puppies. Ashley has been playmate for all 3 litters we had a kennel Black Lotus in Denmark and as well for the 3 litters we have had in Sweden under the Night Trail kennel name.  She is also great when it comes to learn the youngster to go on a team, we always start the youngsters together with Ashley in front of the bike. After a couple of times in front of the bike, they are ready to go in front of the chart or sledge together with Ashley. She needs very little time to learn them what would take us several weeks to teach them.

Ashley herself is a great lead-dog, since she was about a year old she has run in lead of several of our teams. Ashley will just drop in on a team anytime needed. She is probably the one of our dogs running most kilometres during a season, because she trains the youngsters and she go on any of our teams if she is offered a change, which she is often is because she just LOVES it!