Out of The Full Moon litter after Sirenek’s Midnight Eclipse (Xsandy) and Noatak’s Bearclaw Gillan Du Breeze (Gillan) we kept 2 puppies – a male we named Demon and a female named Taiga. These two have fit into our pack very easily. Taiga has developped in to a very nice and promising female – litter bigger and heavier than most of our females, but we hoped to get a little more size out of the combination with Xsandy and Gillan.  As a puppy she entered two dog shows and she became BOB and BIS puppy at both shows.

Taiga has lots of energy and she is always on the move. She also has a very lively imagination and keeps finding new ways to activate herself. We hope she understands to use all her energy in a harness. At the age of 6-7 months both Demon and Taiga tested to run in front of the pulka – they did not at all bother about the pulka – they just ran – no problem at all. We believe Taiga shall turn into a good working dog – the question is how good a contact we have with her – she has her own meaning about almost everything and she know what she wants and what she DOES NOT want. A very promising, very determined and very selfconfident young lady.