Out of The Full Moon litter after Sirenek’s Midnight Eclipse (Xsandy) and Noatak’s Bearclaw Gillan Du Breeze (Gillan) we kept 2 puppies – a male we named Demon and a female named Taiga. These two have fit into our pack very easily. Demon has developped in to a rather big boy – at the age of 11 months old he has become the biggest male at our kennel – both in height and in weight. We hope he stops growing soon and start to develop some volume instead. In daily life Demon is a very easy boy – he is calm and selfconfident and probably not the smartest of our dogs, but very easy to handle and alwyas happy and ready for activity. When let loose or harnessed he shows lots of energy and seems to be a promising working dog. At the age of 6-7 month he ran a couple of times for short distances in front of the pulka as if he has been doing this his whole life. Showing wise he has been at a couple of shows as puppy and became second best male puppy at his first show and BOS puppy at the next – only beaten by his sister in the BOB/BOS competition. Time will show how this big youngster shall develop – he is absolutely a promissing youngster.