During 2009 we are having 2 litters

Litter 1:

We breed our "Wixen"  - Night Trail Xciting Emotions - to Trap Line Buffalo Bill. On the 8th of July we did an ultrasound to see if Wixen is exspecting puppies - and she sure is pregnant; we saw 5-6 puppies on the screen, the veterinarian thought there might be more.......! The puppies were exspected to be born around the 9th of August. On the 9th of August Wixen gave birth to hear first litter - a total of 11 puppies but two of the females were very small and weak and did not make it. 6 males and 3 females - all grey/white are doing fine.


Litter 2:

We have also breed our "Tracy" - Black Lotus Double X's Trademark to "Atlaz" - Wille on his pedigree. Ultrasound confirmed that Tracy is exspecting puppies. This litter is exspected to arrive around the 23th of September. For more information please feel free to contact us.

If you are interested in any of these litters - please feel free to contact us for more information either on e-mail: nighttrail@nighttrail.com or phone: +46 (0)73-063 8099. We do speak swedish!

Black Lotus Double X’s Trademark – S58386/2006

Hips: A, Elbows: 0, Eyes: free (Apr. 2008 & Apr. 2009)

The winter 2008/2009 was her first working season and during the winter she has attended 3 working dog test and she has passed all: 1 x Working dogs test 1 (2x30km)  and 2 x D-test (110 km at the Malamute week  and 1 x 175 km at the Polardistance)

She has attended some shows and did pretty well. She needed 4 shows in open class to complete her Swedish Championship – one of the shows was the Malamute Specialty 2008 which she won and became BOB – about 80 malamutes attended she show.  The next couple of show she became either BOS or BOB and has taken a couple of BIS as well.

Tracy is a pretty girl, with a good size, good proportions, very nice coat and a perfect movement: silent, on-going and ground winning moves .  She is a very sweet and loving girl – she loves everyone – she has a wonderful temperament – an easy girl, but also a very active girl!



Wille – “Atlaz” – S66514/2004

Hips: A, Elbows: 0, Eyes: free (Mar. 2009)

Atlaz is a real working dog! The fun of his life is running. He has attended several competitions both sprint and middle distance  and he has performed very well on all distances, in all kind of weather, on snow or bare ground does matter to Atlaz – he always delivers 100% in the harness. He has attended several working dog test and has passed them all with pride – a total of 3 x A-test (10 km single dog test), 3 x working dog test 1 (2 x 30 km) and 1 x D-test (160 km at Polardistans) – and not just passing the test; also won many of the competitions. In March 2008 he completed his S(polar)ch – Swedish Polar Championship. A couple of week before that he also won his class at the world champion ship in Åsarna – and became World Champion together with his owner: Patrick Hedberg.

Atlaz has been entering the show ring 3 times in his life (and he really does not see the meaning with that!) and the best price obtained is a first price – so absolutely not a show dog, but a real working dog! Very focused and very energetic in the harness – and does not bother about other dogs in the trail.